Strange background text appearing on state

Sep 21, 2017

Hello Community,

I made a simple vocabulary interaction where the learner clicks on the word and the definition animates in. The definition is on a state. Two things are happening that are "wonky".

1)If the learner clicks multiple times, this happens:

2) Also, notice the fonts look different on the two definitions. They are the same font and font size.

If anyone has insight into how to solve these two issues, I´d be very grateful.

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Michael Shannon

Okay Nadia. That is wonky. I was able to duplicate your issue. It appears after three clicks and all subsequent clicks afterwards. I looked at the font you used and thought it might be related to that. I deleted one of the selected states on one of the buttons and changed the font to Arial. Viewed through preview and the issue was no longer there. I'm not sure if you have to use Frutiger but if you don't then changing the font will fix it. I normally use fonts that are common to most OSs. Things like Arial (as much as I hate it), Times, etc. 

I would ask that the Articulate team escalate this since it is a bug. I've attached a screenshot of the bug. The first button is one click, the second is two, the thirds is three clicks and reveals the issue. 

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