Strange behavior


I'm cuttently facing strange changes in my Storyline 360 Projects:

  • Triggers get unassigned without visiting the slide (Objects and variables)
  • Font changes to strange values (e.g. 20,5 or 15,5)
  • Font colour changes to white often in first Text box on a slide (often on question slides)
  • Font size and colour change while copying a text box from slide to an other in the same project
  • program closes without warning (while working on C:-drive)
  • variables Results.ScorePercent and Results.PassPercent got lost. I had to delete and to re-insert the questionbank slide

Any idea where it comes from?

Any idea how to search for unassigned triggers in a project? (beside walking through all slides;-))

Thank you


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Heinz Lewandowski


I've attached a file based on the template we use.  You may some of the issue sin therer.

In addition we are facing that ressourrces are not copied into a folder \story_content\external_files while publishing. The folder does not exist. Even if both - file source and file target - are on C:/-Drice.

Thzank you


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Heinz,

Thanks for all the details and for sharing your .story file.

I took a look and I'm not seeing the issues you're reporting during my initial pass. It's a fairly large course with many items to dig into, so I've opened up a support case on your behalf so that one of our support engineers can work with you 1:1 to dig into the issue you're experiencing.

You should be hearing from someone soon.