Strange behavior of Variable

Dec 03, 2015


I am having a slight problem with the variable functionality. My slide has 3 boxes, by clicking on each box a "light box slide" opens up for the learner. I have set a variable for Home button to appear when the learner has seen all the three boxes (using True and false variable). It works fine the first time but when I revisit the slide the home button does not appear even if I have seen all the three boxes. I have tried setting the slide to "resume to initial state" but it did not work. I also tried "resume to saved state" so that the home button remain where the learner left it but what happens is that when I revisit, the home button still is not on the screen. Can someone please help me with this?

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Brian Allen

Hello Fatima,

Without seeing your .story file I can't say for sure how you've got your True/False variable set up, but you may consider trying this: 

  1. Replace your True/False variable for the home button with a number variable, with a default value of "zero".
  2. Create 3 True/False variables, one for each of your light box slide buttons.
  3. Add two triggers to each light box slide button:
    • Trigger #1: If that button's variable = "false", then add "1" to your home button variable, and
    • Trigger #2: Adjust that button's True/False variable to "True".
  4. Finally, add a trigger to your Home button to appear when the Home button number variable equals "3 or greater".

This will do a couple of things: It will make sure that your learners will have to click on each light box slide button before the home button appears, AND it will ensure that your home button will be visible when the slide is revisited, unless you're resetting the slide to it's initial state (not recommended for this application).

Hope this helps!  Post a .story file if you need assistance...

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