Strange behavior on a Samsung Tablet


We made an elearning with video in it. After publishing we noticed some crop issues and decided to adjust the videos. 

We allready tested the versions and all looked fine on both pc and tablets. 
With our new tests we found out that all videos 'move in' on only Samsung tablets, in the articulate player. So, on an Ipad we have no problems and pc's run good as well. 

Any help here ? Attached a screencapture with the strange behaviour. 

We checked the timeline and there are no keyframes. 


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Joep -- So sorry to hear that you are experiencing diffiulties! Unfortunately, I do not have a Samsung tablet to perform testing for you (only an iPad Air 2 and a Google Nexus 9 tablet), but you  may want to check out this thread on a similar topic to see if some of the suggestions offered work for you. Please let us know if issues persist! :)