Strange error in Storyline 2 when trying to set up slider triggers.


I've come across a strange issue when trying to incorporate triggers into my slider. I've built many sliders with no issues, so this is puzzling. I've attached a photo of the error message I get when I tell Storyline to show a certain layer when the slider is equal to 1, 2, etc.

I've never seen this error, and the grammar of the message is also incorrect.

Please see the attached photo. Any suggestions would be most helpful.

Thanks, Tyson

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Christie Pollick

That is strange, Tyson -- thanks for your question and let's see what we can do to assist! Have you had an opportunity to review this info on Unexpected or Erratic Behavior in SL2, and have you tried importing your file into a new file, as well?

If issues persist, you are welcome to share your file and we can investigate further. Please let us know what you experience after running through the repair steps listed in the first link provided, as well.