Strange lines / glitches to SCORM packages


We have had a client experiencing some issues with our Storyline 360 files.  They have reported some "glitches" on video within the SCORM packages and also some strange occurences such as the below (please note, I've pixelated the content - the issue is the way the SCORM is only presenting in lines across the package).

Anyone else ever experienced this?  It's new to me.

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Matthew Bibby

I test with IE11 a lot and have never come across this.

One thing to keep in mind (given that it is not impacting everyone) is that IE11 may be running in compatibility mode, which means it'll look like IE11 but work like IE9.

This creates some issues with the HTML5 output as the older IE can't handle the newer CSS stuff.


Ok, so the client is running two windows OS at the moment. 7 and 10.

Those on 7 (currently the majority) are running IE11 in compatibility mode (due to other system requirements) and those on Win10 have access to Edge.

Any ideas why this is an intermittent complaint given the vast majority seem to be running in compatibility mode?  Is there anything we can do?  Everyone will be moved to Win10 by end of the year but would  be good  to do something in the interim.

Our SCORMS are published as HTML5 with Flash back up, but presumably their systems are trying to run the HTML, hence the issue?  Do you think?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ed,

Often running in compatibility mode can cause Internet Explorer 11 to act as an earlier version, such as IE 7 or 8. We only support IE11 for HTML5 output and IE8 for the Flash output, but often in compatibility mode the browser could still be blocking flash and trying to load the HTML5 which would explain why they've run into trouble.

Could those users on Windows 7 use another browser like Firefox or Chrome?