Strange phantom captions

I have CC in a project, and on a couple of slides, strange captioning not related to the audio pops up for a second and disappears.  It is not a part of the captions I inserted and does not show when I edit the captions.  I'm not sure how to proceed. 

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Crystal Horn

Hi Laurie.  Thanks so much for sharing your output!  My team tested, and we had some inconsistent results.  In Firefox, I was able to hear the audio and get CCs which looked legitimate and timed properly.  In Chrome, I had issues getting the audio to play.  We're looking into autoplaying audio issues due to Chrome's new autoplay rules for media, so I'll keep an eye on that.

I noticed that this particular course was published with update 13 of Storyline 360.  Could you update Storyline 360 (if you haven't yet), and republish the course?  I'd like to see if it makes a difference for you.  Thanks!