Strange skipping behaviour

Hello. I was asked to change an existing e-learning. I moved a slide (3.10)_ from branch 1 to branch 2. I left Slide 3.11 alone. Now, when played, it skips 3.11  completely. Ive attached a before and after pic. I have examined everything I can find to ensure that both before and after were the same. Any help would be wonderful. thank you

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David Schwartz

Hi Jonathan,

Hard to tell exactly without seeing the Storyline file, but the arrows indicate there is a trigger going to slide 3.11.  But I wonder what trigger is meant to go there from slide 3.10, and whether it is being overridden by another trigger on slide 3.10. 

I'd be happy to take a closer look. If you can't upload the SL file, perhaps send a screenshot of the triggers on slide 3.10.

Walt Hamilton

Option to check first: The after picture indicates that in the original story, there was a trigger on 3.10 that jumped to 3.11 by name (which is best practice). Then when it was changed, either branch 2, (by default), or slide 3.10 (having been changed). has a jump to next slide trigger added.

Option two: Since there two of those triggers, I will say that I have seen a corruption in slides (perhaps caused by copying and pasting a slide, instead of just moving it) that results in two jump to next triggers that cannot be found or removed. In that case, the solution is to reconstruct the slide from scratch.