strange text box

Dec 04, 2012

I am learning storyline and everything is going well. I however has experienced a strange text box behavior. I am searching the forums and seem not to see any similar problem.

The problem is affecting only one of the three slides (file attached) both in the slide and also its layers. Its hard to describe but for example, if delete an empty space by hitting on the delete key, the space and the letter ahead are both deleted and the cursor jumps three characters ahead. Initially, I though I had a problem with language setting or my text was set to read from right to left but I think this is not the case as the other slides are okay. Actually, the cursor seems to be floating and where it is displayed on the screen is actually not where it is. For example, if a place the cursor on a small letter to change it to a capital letter, the change actually is inserted several characters behind the current cursor location.This makes editing very difficult.

I have tried to recreate the text boxes but the behavior is sustained in the new text box - I can created them but when I try to edit, the same problem occurs.

I have attached the file, the problem is on the "main menu" slide and the text boxes are in the layer slides.

Any help is very much appreciated as continue to search the forums.


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