Strange Video Looping Issue

I have a short 3 second video I would like to loop. I have set it up to play a 0.1 second silent sound file after the video is complete. Then play the video again after the sound file is complete.

 This kinda works however when looping the video doesn't start from the beginning but from second 2. I have attached the file in case anyone would like to see or my description is bad (offending video can be found on the 4th slide).

 Has anyone had any success with looping in storyline 2? It seems odd that it is not a feature.


p.s I have seen the threads on looping and tried all the suggested ideas. This is the only one that seems to sort of work.

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Yusuf Rangwala

Hi Matt,

I found a small trick see if it works for you. I've duplicated the video on the top layer and have set the play video to "When clicked" and have set the video below on automatic. 

I've given trigger saying that the slide would replay as it reaches the end of the timeline and the output is what you desire. This is the only solution I could find for now. I would love to know some one has a better solution to it. :P