Strangeness opening .story in SL1

I've harbored this anomaly for some time. Now I have to come clean. Storyline does strange things now and then when I use FILE > OPEN

Normally, SL acts like a normal application. I navigate to a folder location, select a file. I never click OPEN. I save a millisecond by double-clicking the file and it opens in SL.

Occasionally, I get a different behavior: Double click, and another Open dialog opens up. Close that dialog and the intended .story file opens. Where did that second open dialog come from?

... there is no sequence to repeat this anomaly. Sometimes it happens. It doesn't cause any problems.

Today, something different... I double-clicked the target .story file and what?... It opened Camtasia's Screen recorder. No sign of SL opening anything. Here's a screen shot. When I closed Camtasia Screen Recorder, SL opened the .story file with no problem.

Bizarre behavior.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sam,

What did the dialog box say?

The image you shared here looks a lot like Storyline's screen recording feature ( I don't have camtasia, maybe they're the same?) but I'm curious if you've checked to see how your system is set up to open the .story file in case something is being changed there? Also, you mentioned using "File > Open" are you doing that from within Storyline or looking at the file from a directory? If you're able to replicate some of the oddness - could you try capturing it as a screen recording?

Sam Carter

I'd never used SL's recorder, and yes, they look alike. It's SL, not Camtasia. My bad.

Windows 7 file associations for .story snapshot:

Yes, I'm using File > Open, then double-clicking the file. It will normally open without incident.

I can't reproduce this on demand. Opening the recorder was a new one on me. Whether I get another File>Open dialog, or the screen recorder (as in this case), Storyline waits until the redundant dialog / recorder is closed before opening the specified .story file.