Strangest thing I've seen SL do...image export.

Dec 07, 2020

There is an image in a course that I needed to edit, but we didn't have the file any longer. I exported the image from Storyline, but when I opened it I found it was a slightly different version. I tried it several different times on different slides that have the image and got the same result each time. The image in the course is a PNG, is not in a group,  and does not have any SL effects added to it. 

Any idea how/why this happened and how to get the image shown in the course?

In the screen shot the image in the course is on the left, and the exported image is on the right. This is Storyline 3. 

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Tom Kuhlmann

I'm curious...did you figure this out? It's weird that the images are two different images. Without seeing the file, my first inclination is that when you click to save as image, you are clicking on an unseen hand image (similar to what Steve suggested) where it may be part of a group. 

If you want to share the slide, we can look at it.