Strategy for a quiz with multiple pools

Jun 12, 2015

Hi.  Before I set out on this I want to just check my understanding of the best way to achieve it.

I want to create a 12-question quiz.  There are nine topic areas in the quiz and the user should see either one or two from each, making up 12. But for each, the question should be randomly selected from a pool for that topic area.  So select 2 from topic area 1, 1 from topic areas 2, 2 from topic area 3 and so on.  I want to keep track of a score for each topic area, but I don't want to show a results screen for each - just to show an overall score at the end.  

From what I've seen I'll have to build 9 quizzes, some with 1 question, some with 2. In order to track the score for each topic area, it looks like I'll need to create results slides for each, but I don't want the user to see them. They should just experience it as one quiz. 

Another reason for tracking each topic area is that there's pass mark leading to remedial advice for the sum of topic areas 1 to 5, and another for 6 to 9, so I need to be able to add those variables at the end. I can see I'll get those variables if I have results screens, but I don't want them shown. It would be annoying for them to see a result slide after every question or two questions. 

Have I got this right, or is there an easier way to do it?

The project is in Storyline 1 by the way.

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