Strategy for a very long course

I have a 10 hour course with 10 chapters that I need to create. Yes you read that right. Pass is dependant on a final quiz.

I'm looking for the best strategy to do this:

Is it better to have 1 course with 10 chapters? With so much content, how will it affect the load time. The sheer time it would take just to publish each revision is daunting. But if I do it this way, LMS % completion tracking is easier.

Or is it better have a master branching module branching to 10 sub-modules chapters. Much easier to develop each sub-module and publish revisions. How then will overall tracking be done?

And all this 1 course linking to, branching out to and opening another course in another browser window, how crazy is that?

Or should I even care about sub-module tracking since pass is based on final quiz anyway.

Look forward to opinions and wisdom... thanks.

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Simon Perkins

Are you running this course in an LMS? Is it capable of handling multi-SCORM courses? If so, you could publish say 10 modules (SCORMs), bundle them into a single course and have your LMS manage overall scoring/completion based on aggregates that you determine.

Ultimately it comes down to whether you have any restrictions re how to roll out the course(s) and what you are really looking to achieve in terms of hosting, tracking, reporting etc.