Streamlining Results Tracking for Standalone Certification Course

Hi there,

We have a simple, standalone certification course (not within our LMS) that is set up to have our learners complete a quiz at the end (and they must achieve 80% or higher to pass). Results are tracked and we were wondering if there was a way for the facilitator to receive a consolidated report of the learner results (perhaps on a specified date/time) or if the facilitator will have to receive each score individually via email. We are trying to automate the results tracking as much as possible without involving the LMS. Is there a way to accomplish this?

Thank you!

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Michael M

I am working on this problem, we are using a Web published export to run the Storyline Quiz in-house and I have been able to access the user entered variables through JS but I cannot access the quiz results to pass to our PHP scripts.
Can you point to any current documentation on how to pass results out of the Storyline?

We are accessing the user entered variables using GetPlayer().GetVar() function, it would be nice to use something similar for course result.

var player = window.parent.GetPlayer();