Storyline 2: Embedding video files hosted at Amazon AWS...and having them play in the player.

I am trying to add some video files to my courses.  Rather than have the videos in the SCORM file, I am trying to have a link in the SCORM and the video hosted and served by Amazon AWS. Theory being that it descreases the load on my LMS server? [Comments appreciated]

Using Storyline 2 I have not managed to get it quite right as yet.  Even though I set the video to play inside the player...each attempt fails and the video pops in a new window.  I want the video to play within the Storyline player.  The video will be filmed in greenscreen and then saved as flv with transparent that I appear in video against the cartoon type background of the course.  I used a random mp4 I had lying around for the test.

I have tried:

  • Insert video - web video (Show Video: In Slide - using an iframe to embedd it with the src being the url at Amazon AWS)
  • Insert web object (Display - Show: In Slide)

...your comments and suggestions would be much appreciated !

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Emily Ruby

Hello Leslie,

The link you shared is forcing a download of the MP4. It would be up to your hosting site as to whether they will force this download or play the MP4. You may check out the information here to get started with, as this is not something we can do from our end.

There are several other video hosting sites that would offer the same effect as AWS, but i am sure others in the community can give advice or opinions on these hosting platforms.

Bill Kelleher

Following up on this thread because I have been trying to get AWS to work for our organization. Make sure that your AWS buckets are set up to allow streaming video. If not, I have found that it forces the download of the file in my case. This is a great link that shows how to make that possible: