StroyLine variable send via Texfile

Feb 05, 2015

Hi Guys 

As a newbie:) I am like scratching my head and my back but no luck, yes I can get variable from javascript to textfile if I drop txt file under C drive

please let me know if you guys can assist me oot:)

1) I do not need to put file location as under c: because if I publish as a web link and send it out...then its my c dont get any variables in text file at all.

2) second is there any way without PHP , just javascript and Textfile ..can we get URL on a server where this textfile located. I did try but no luck

also is there a way we can do it without ActiveXObject

Thanks :)

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AHme Joosub

Hi Guys 

Yes Its works with Jquery in my home laptop but wont work in my word Environment, The issue is might be Google link or jquery link need to be converted in local server address, Yes I can convert Jquery in server js file and then embed that link into the your script but i am confuse what i do with google form response link , can i put that in iframe and out it in my local server as well.

Please let me know what you guys think. 

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