Struggling with a True/False Variable

Please help me. I'm trying to enable the 'Next' button after users have viewed lightboxes attached to a layer. I've assigned each lightbox a T/F variable when viewed. They are working properly. I added a trigger to change the state of the next button to 'normal' at the end of the timeline, if all of the variables are 'true'.  I thought maybe it is my trigger order, but I've changed them several times and still no luck.

I've attached a screen shot of my layers and triggers. Can one of you wonderful Gurus help me. I'm butting up against a deadline. 10/7/16.

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Walt Hamilton

Why the jump to the layer when the timeline ends? Is there something about that layer that causes the action you describe?

More importantly, what does happen?

Most importantly, if you can attach your .story file here, someone may be able to help you, even if you have to create one slide with dummy content.

Karel Wagner

Thanks so much Walt. You are correct in that I'm trying to do too much. I eliminated the need to go to a layer at the end of the timeline, but I still can't get the state of the next button to change once everything is true. I've attached a sample of what I'm doing. I appreciate your help. 

Walt Hamilton


The problem is that the timeline of the overview slide ends long before a user has a chance to view all the light boxed slides. Since they see layers and light boxed slides, they never leave the slide, so the timeline never starts again.

You might try changing the state of NEXT when the states of all the buttons on LAYERS 3 -KP are visited. Since the user never leaves the slide, that might work. Of course, you would have to give each button a visited state. It wouldn't have to look different, but it would have to exist. You can't use IF state is normal, because in that instance SL considers all the built-in states normal. The trigger would probably need to go on the layer.

A more certain method is to change the state of NEXT when a variable is changed, IF all the other variables are TRUE. You would have to create a trigger for each of the 8 variables, and put them on the layer, but it would work.

I created a trigger only for the COB variable, and it works.

Karel Wagner

Ok, I see what you are saying about the timing of the slide. Makes complete since.  I've looked at your example and can't find what you've done different than I. I've attached a follow up question.

And if I haven't said it clearly, I really appreciate your help!

Karel Wagner


Thank you so much for your assistance. Sometimes you just need to walk away when you get stuck. I came in this morning and suddenly all that you were saying made sense. I had the 'if true' variable combination trigger on the base slide instead of the layer that needed to check the variables, DUH.

Thanks again!!