Struggling with full screen mode on an embedded video

Hi there - I've got a video embedded into a Storyline course that sits on our LMS. The video plays, functionality all works except for the fullscreen mode, which isn't working. I'm confident that the fullscreen button works as expected, so I think it's either down to Storyline or our LMS. I've attached a video showing the functionality.

Can anyone help with ideas about fixing this? Is it something to do with the embed code? A Storyline thing? An LMS thing?

Thanks, Rob

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Ali Goulet

Hey Robert,

I'll be honest, that's a new one for me! I haven't seen that error before when hitting the fullscreen button for a video-- really strange.

One thing I'd try first is uploading your published output to SCORM Cloud to see if the same thing happens there. That'll help narrow down whether it's a Storyline or LMS related. 

I'm also happy to help test this out if you attach your .story project file here in the discussion. You can add it right to a comment using the Add Attachment feature.

Keep me posted! 

Robert Doyle

Thanks for coming back to me Ali. I've attached my .story file, hopefully you can spot something in there that I've done wrong. I don't believe the embedded videos will work for you as they are on an internal platform but perhaps seeing the embed code will reveal something?

I tested the same file in SCORM Cloud and I'm seeing the same issue.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Robert,

Do you see an error message at all when inserting that embed code into Storyline? I know a few users have run into issues with embed codes from sites such as Kaltura and Brightcove based on how they structure the embed code. The code in your course, looks similar to some of the embed codes that caused issues before, so you may also find help in the troubleshooting steps here. 

As you expected, I wasn't able to test  your videos - I received a certificate error for all of them.