Struggling with hover states - one works, the other does not

Hi there,

I have created a slide with two pictures and hover states for both. 


When I hover over one, it works:



When I hover over the other one, I get this:

I have tried to send backward, sent to back, send forward, send front...all of those...a million different ways and nothing works.


There is also this weird trigger on the state that I cannot seem to get rid of.

I can create another layer as a workaround but I really want the trigger to work.


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Walt Hamilton


I suggest you put the blue boxes in the hover states on top of their respective pictures.  Right now, the roadmap hover is working fine, but you can't see it because it is behind the SAT pix. Changing their order will not help, because one of them has to be in front of the other.

The main reason to change them is that when you hover over one of them, it brings up a link to click on, but the user has to leave it to click, and when they leave it, it reverts to its natural state.

Not sure which trigger is the weird one.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Margaret,

Walt is correct here - the objects are appearing as expected based on their order on the timeline, so it'll always appear behind that one object as that sits at a higher level on the slide. If you want the hover state to cover the other object, I'd look instead at using layers, so then as Walt mentioned the user is able to click on it as well. 

Walt Hamilton

I don't think layers is the answer. If a hover that is set to restore on mouse leave triggers a layer, when the layer appears the mouse loses contact with the object on the base and closes the layer. Then the mouse re-establishes contact (in a hover position) with the object and opens the layer, causing a continual flicker between the base and layer.

I recommend that she edits the hover states to place the new text box in the same position as the original one. If she wants to cover the other pix, she can place a background-colored box over it in the hover state.

Margaret Murphy

Ashley, while I think using layers would get close to the functionality I am looking for I do agree with Walt - I like the idea of using the hover function because I want learners to have an option to "unhover" and loose contact with one object so that they can hover over another object at their discretion. Let me play around with it and see if I can get it to work. I am now thinking that I can set the trigger to hover on the layer, but then also "restore on mouse leave."


I will let  you know if it works.