Student Guide in Course?

Do you include any kind of a student guide in your online courses?  It's difficult to do in Storyline 2 as you can't just print out each slide and create notes pages for students.  However, our clients like to have a student guide or something to print out and follow along with as they progress through the online course.

Can anyone provide any recommendations on what to provide?  Should we not even be including student guides?  Any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.


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Chris Undery

Not sure why anyone would want or need a printable student guide for a well designed piece of elearning. If you need something to follow along with on paper as you progress then I'd say there is something wrong with the course.  

It could be a cultural/historical thing with the client as we used to get a lot of requests for printed versions of elearning but these have been gradually reducing over the last few years (we have been moving from information dump elearning to more interactive courses that make better use of the non flat/linear capabilities of digital - almost impossible to recreate in a flat document). 

If its to do with the learner understanding where they are and/or where they have been at any point during the course then the menu part of the player or a customised 'lightbox' slide accessible from any other slide could be used to show structure/progress at any point. 

From a learner notes perspective, I've included a custom notepad function (with a lot of help from the community) where the learner can make notes as they go and then email them for future use. If it is more to do with the learner personalising the content then you could include relevant content as a downloadable job aid (eg. pdf) that they could save and annotate as they want. 

Hope this helps.

Walt Hamilton

It may be a cultural thing, or a security blanket, but I have some pretty intense students, and they demand the guides. Part of it may be customizing the notes, and part of it may be that they know that they will not always have access to the course and want to keep the material.

At any rate, e-learning is a tool in our box, but certainly not the be-all, end-all.