students viewing Storyline 1 proejct

I have followed the guided directions for publishing my Storyline 1 project.  When some of the recipients of the ZIPPED version of the project try to open and view it they get what looks like the Storyline viewing screen but it is blank.  What do I have to tell them to do in order to view the project?  Do they have to download some additional software?


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Michael Hinze

Are you publishing for Web an the send the zipped files out to users? In that case, the Storyline content is likely blocked by users' browser security settings. It would be best to upload the published content to some serve (or an alternative like DropbDox or GoogleDrive) and send out the link. Or if you do want people to view content locally on their PCs, publish to CD, zip and send it.

Michael Hinze
Mary Field

I'll try that.  I was thinking of pushing it for web to a server with the link published on a web page.  Would that then allow the person to simply click on the link and have it open without incident?

Yes, clicking the link would open the hosted content in he user' browser.