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Daniel  Feerst

Leslie, this question is not too related, but after creating a course in Studio '13, one gives the course to a customer. They create a link to presentation.html. Is the software then supposed to detect what type of device is being used and then jump to html5 as required? I have discovered that when someone is using Chrome, and is given presentation.html -- everything goes great with  but the test results will not show up after entering one's name to obtain the test results. However, when given the html5 directly, it works!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Daniel!

Yes, this article helps explain how the published content will be presented to your end user.

The supported viewing environments can be found in this documentation.

We do recommend using the presentation.html as you can see in that documentation. Would you be able to share your Articulate Package for us to take a look?

Chris Davison

Been having major issues trying to open a Studio 13 project in Studio 360.  The PowerPoint file is 9MB.  When I open it and attempt to do anything in Articulate (e.g. preview a slide) I am prompted to save the file.  This is extremely slow.  Subsequently after I've checked Preview the file is automatically saved again.  How can I stop the requirement to save the file every time I carry out an action in Articulate?

Vincent Scoma

Hi Chris,

Thank you for reaching out and letting us know. 

When using Presenter 360, it does require saving the file locally, and that should only happen once after the file has been saved. Since it seems to be repeating that process, could I have you try a simple repair of Studio 360 to see if that clears the issue? 

You can find more details on that process here: How to Repair Articulate Studio 360

Please let us know how that works out! 

Mark Johnson

I was having huge problems saving 360 files. It was very slow and Articulate kept creating new versions of each file. I was also getting 'this file is in use by another process' messages while saving.

The problem was Articulate being unable to cope with Dropbox. I was editing the file locally in my Dropbox folder on my device but the Dropbox file synching process was messing up the articulate save. In the end, I had to create a folder on my desktop, do the work there, then manually copy/paste everything into Dropbox every few hours in order to sync to my backups and other devices.

It works now but it's annoying. I don't have this issue with any other app. I use iSuite in Powerpoint as well and that works just fine. You really need to fix this problem as I'm paying $999 per annum for this experience and am thinking hard about whether to renew or not.

Steve Gannon

Indrani, before investing time learning about Studio 360, please read the December 2nd post from Articulate about this suite:


Studio 360 is no longer going to be enhanced with features. I recommend you focus on Storyline 360 and/or Rise. Since you have experience with Storyline 2, you should be able to smoothly transition to Storyline 360.


Katie Riggio

Hey, Indrani!

Some great advice from Brian and Steve. 😀 I also recommend this resource that covers different types of projects and which app to chose:

Last note that your contact info came through to the public forum. If you'd like to remove it, click this link to access the link for editing.

Will Findlay

I've used both Studio 360 and Storyline 360 and continue to do so. When someone sends me a PowerPoint with a lot of timed animations, and there isn't a need for anything but a linear presentation, Studio 360 is still best IMHO because timing animations in Studio 360 is soooo much faster. I really hope Storyline gets a better workflow for timing animations imported from PowerPoint now that Studio 360 is on its way out.