Stumped: Can I make a slide-by-slide simulation appear on a slide layer?

Nov 06, 2019


I'm working on an eLearning course for a piece of software. The course will use screencasts as one way to communicate workflows. I like Storyline's software simulation options, and stumbled on a really neat project in the eLearning Examples:

I think the "Tell Me, Show Me, Try Me" model is brilliant! It addresses multiple learning styles and allows the student to choose the option(s) that best suit their learning needs. I wanted to replicate this approach in my lessons.

I was able to replicate the "Tell Me" part using slide layers. The "Show Me" part has been a little trickier. It looks like the "Show Me" part plays on a slide layer, but I don't see how to insert a View Mode steps simulation onto a layer - looks like the only options are to insert the slides (since the simulation is broken up into multiple slides into an existing scene, or in a new scene.

Any ideas on how to replicate something like the "Show Me" part in this example? Are the instructions that appear when you click "Show Me" on a layer that starts out the "Show Me" scene? If so, how do you get the "Back" button to show up on all the step-by-step slides w/o copying and pasting the button onto each slide?

There is no Storyline project included with this example, just the output. Looks like others have asked for one. I have reached out to the author who posted the example, but the original post is a couple of years old. Thought I'd see if someone can provide some guidance or share a project that does something similar.

Thanks!! The help I've received on this forum has been excellent!! :-)



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John Freiberger

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for the feedback. I did see the content in the KB article/Storyline user guide. Just re-read it to make sure I didn't overlook/misunderstand something. Yeah, it looks like I can't insert step-by-step slides onto a slide layer. Wondering what "magic" the author used in the Photoshop simulation example. I'm intruiged!! :-)



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