STUMPED! Can't get Storyline to recognized my change states when states are visited triggers

Software: Articulate Storyline 2

OS: Windows 10

I've done this successfully quite a few times. So I can't understand why I can't get this to work today.

I have two triggers in my 2nd layer (titled Inappropriate) that don't work. The first trigger hides the original orange on screen text when three fields are visited. The second trigger makes on screen text go from hidden to appearing when the same three fields are visited.

But the triggers are simply ignored. I uploaded a screen shot and a sanitized verison of the slide.

If any have any idea why these triggers don't work, please let me know.

I greatly appreciate it.



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Leslie McKerchie


Thanks for sharing your file so that we could take a look at what you were seeing.

I was able to see the behavior that you reported in your image.

It was hard to follow some of the triggers and all of the ones dependent on those same items being 'visited', so I took that as my first clue.

Trigger order is important in your course. I moved your triggers to set those items to visited to the top of the item list and it seems to be working as expected now.

Your updated file is attached.