Stuttering on slide transitions / and publish quality Chrome vs Firefox

I'm currently testing locally, not on the LMS, and I keep getting complaints from my dept head about stuttering on slide transitions. Just a simple fade, some pages load smooth while other pages that are similar stutter. We are doing strictly HTML5 builds. Slide masters are currently blank so nothing coming in from there. Any clues?

Also I've noticed a quality difference between Chrome and Firefox. FF seems much crisper, the text seems considerably less clear in Chrome. Is there any tips or tricks to fix this?

Using Storyline 360

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Sorry, lol, the IT department made this account when they purchased our first copy of 360, but they made it with their own email address so they just complained about getting notifications from these forums, while I was wondering why I got no notifications... -_-


Would testing on the 360 test site be the same as tempshare?


Crystal Horn

No worries - if you'd like to create your own Articulate ID, it's a pretty simple process.  Just sign out of the Knowledgeone IT account and use the prompts to Join here.  Then you can log into the community and receive email notification on any discussions in which you're participating.  ☺️

Tempshare is a really cool project we developed for temporary hosting of web output.  It will provide you with a link that you can use to view your content as hosted on the web for 10 days.  You'll have to include flash output (even if it is flash fallback) in your publishing options.

When you publish to Articulate 360, your content is automatically uploaded to Articulate Review, where it will remain available until you delete it (or after your subscription ends).  Articulate Review allows you to also collect feedback on your content and maintain multiple versions as you develop your course.

You should ideally get the same performance of your course whether testing on Tempshare or Articulate Review, with the exception of the Review interface and features.

Let us know how you make out!  We're happy to test your course as well,  if you'd like to share your .story file. IT

That's not a huge issue for general testing, we have our own LMS, and staging servers, but more often than not if our portal department hasn't set anything up for the project it's more effort than it's worth for a quick test, or if the client plans to host it on their own LMS. This isreally just to check lag between pages, since some transitions are smooth and others seem choppy.

I've noticed for using fades on page transitions, fading to black is smoother, however the project uses all light colors. Is there a way to change it to fade to white?

Crystal Horn

The transitions offers 2 options:  either fading one slide directly into the other, or using the black fade as a buffer.

You can custom-build a fade effect, though, and use white as a buffer.  I mocked up an example, and I like how your idea turned out!  Check it out.

I've attached an example .story file so you can see how I created this.  Essentially, I used a white rectangle on Next and Previous layers.  The rectangle on the layer animates in through a fade effect when you click either the Next or Previous button.  And then, the layer has a trigger to automatically jump to the next or previous slide when the timeline reaches 1 second.  I still use the "smooth" fade transition on the slides, but now it's pulling from the white rectangle, rather than the base layer content.

I hope that helps! IT

Thanks. This is a nice idea, unfortunately it would create a lot of room for bugs. We set our next/prev buttons to go to specific slides, so that the project always follows it's slide progression hierarchy. So this would mean setting it additional times which is a little tedious and would probably get overlooked a lot, extending the QA process. Any idea if this is in the works for an update? If not I'll throw it in as a feature request.

Thanks for the help though. :)