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I have created an evaluation which has a couple of complicated questions

Using the pick one options in freeform I have created a drop down programme where the user has to build a operating sequence.

Each line sets to true if the selection is correct and if all the lines equal true then it triggers the correct option to be selected as the answer.

It is part of a larger assessment and therefore I have used the submit all option.


My problem is that having put in a review answers option to allow them to check their input prior to submission I can get it to

Mark Correct

Mark Incorrect

Mark corret if the original answer was incorrect and they changed it to the correc answer

however I cannot get it to change the answer from correct to incorrect on the pick one options as the triggers have already fired to true and I can't get them to reset......anyone help.


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Marion McKelvie



Thanks for you reply - as you can see I have created a drop down selection question and set variables to be true if the correct selection is made.  My problem is as it is part of a larger assessment I have opted for the submit all allow participants to complete the course then review their answers prior to submission for marking. 

It would appear that if they have the questions correct or incorrect it will mark this and if they have been incorrect originally then on review changed it to the correct answer the trigger works as it is now equal to true however if they originally had the correct answer and then changed it to an incorrect answer prior to submission I cannot get it to score it as incorrect......... I have only attached a small version of what I have created (3 questions) 1 drag and drop which works when I get it right, wrong, wrong to right or right to wrong and two drop down selections (this is the one with the problem). 


Marion McKelvie


Thank you for taking the time to try and help me - attached is the correct answers for the scenarios.


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Christie Pollick

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