Submit button displayed but not wanted?

Hi All,

I've come across a problem when making a try video scene:

I've recorded my slides and have begun editing them, I want my slides to move on after text entry with a press of the enter key rather than the user having to click the submit button. I've used the trigger wizard and set the slide to move on when 'User presses a key' and in the text entry I've selected 'No button' from the 'Submit button' drop down list.

When I preview the scene (transparent player) a 'Submit' button is displayed at the bottom corner of the screen, does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?



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Andy Iakobson


I'm not sure what 'Submit Button' dropdown you are talking about, but there are some settings that let you hide navigation button:

If you're in the story view you'll see them to the right, in the Slide Properties box:

And if you're looking at a specific slide, you can access the same settings by clicking on the gear icon in the layers box:

You'll have to adjust the settings for each slide, though.