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I have a template from elearning brothers for a learning game in SL 360. If I have multiple correct answers the Submit button displays. The Submit button launches a correct or incorrect response after making a selection. BUT if I click the Submit button Before making a selection, it always launches the incorrect response. I want the Submit button to do Nothing if I click it Before making a selection.


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Sam Hill

Hi Toby, check to see if the Submit button has a Disabled state. If so, just change to Disabled. You can then use triggers within the interaction to set the Disabled button state to Normal when appropriate, for example at least one checkbox is selected.

If the Submit button does not have a Disabled state, its easy to create one. Just duplicate the Normal State of the button and name to Disabled. Then change the colours on the button to a grey shade (make sure it is still readable though). Grey usually is a good indication to users that a button is disabled. It also provides good contrast when the button is change to Normal state.

Let me know if you need any further clarification.