Submit Button interaction going to blank layer instead of Correct/Incorrect layers

Apr 19, 2019


I am creating an Assessment in Storyline 360. It seems that all the questions that are Drag & Drop / Drop-Down, when the user selects the "Submit" button, it does not take them to the Correct/Incorrect layers. Instead, it seems like objects from that base layer just disappear and we are left with the background image. Every other type of Question in the Assessment (True&False, Fill in the Blank, etc.) does not have this issue.

Anything helps! Thanks!

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Katie Riggio

Good morning,¬†Shauna. Happy to help! ūüėÄ

For the troublesome questions, how many attempts does the learner have - is it unlimited or a certain number?

Echoing Ned: With your permission, we'd love to have a closer look at your .story file. You can share it publicly here, or share it privately with our Support team here. We'll let you know our findings, and will delete it when we solve this puzzle!

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