Submit button is not visible or hidden in the background in some slides when published or previewed (replaced by Prev/Next buttons)

Hi... My SL file consist of several slides plus 30 questions slides where content slides are in between the questions slides.  Questions are branched (15 based and 15 remedial) . 

When previewing slides individually, all functions work including the Submit button.  But when previewing the whole project or publishing, the Submit button disappears and is replaced by the Prev/Next buttons. You know that the Submit button is in the background because you can actually see it flash, whenever the page refreshes.  Any quiz objects (checkbox, radio buttons, etc.) in the slide also does not function.  The first 20 question slides have no issues. 

Can anyone please assist me or has experienced this type of issue.  I have published my file on SCORM Cloud as well as on 360  Review with the same problem.

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Tyler Braddick

No problem, 

I understand you can't share that, however I'm going to try to recreate the issue on my end so I'm going to ask a few questions.

Based off your issue description it sounds like you have the submit button on every slide as well as a prev/next button, is this correct?

Also, on the first 20 slides these are a mixture of questions and content as well?



Katie Riggio

Hi there, Z C!

Just a heads up that our Support Engineers are happy to sign an NDA when necessary, and we keep all content secure. Just let us know!

In the meantime, I'd love to jump in and collaborate on the next troubleshooting steps. What happens when you import the slides into a new Storyline file? Also, could the course be in review mode when that behavior happens?