Submit button not moving to next slide

Sep 23, 2022


I have been asked to review a number of modules where the submit button set on a pick many form is not advancing to the next question slide. I have attached an image of the triggers (hope this is ok as I'm not sure i can upload the file for you to review) Can anyone please help me as I'm staring in to space with this now.

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Walt Hamilton

Since you have selected a scoring option, I imagine you want the built-in scoring to take over when the question is answered. The easiest way to have that is to use the Submit Button and its built-in superpowers. But you have selected No feedback, so there is no method of directing the learner to your Review slide.

Click on Form View, choose Feedback by Question, and notice that the system creates Correct and Incorrect layers. You don't have to use them, other than as a repository for triggers which will launch your Review layer, or go to the next slide.

Go Back to Slide View, and you can edit those two layers. I would put this trigger on the Incorrect layer:


and these two on the Correct layer:

Then, the correct answer will jump to the next slide, and the incorrect to the Review layer. (If you want them to click before advancing with a correct answer, you can change the jump trigger to "Jump to next slide when user clicks "Continue".)

There is a chance that the Correct and Incorrect layers will flash briefly before advancing. If that happens, drag everything on them off to the side of the slide and they won't be seen.