Submit button not working

I built a course in Storyline 3 and added a quiz at the end - all standard functionality, no custom buttons added. When I launch the course from our LCMS, all works fine. When I launch the course from our LMS, clicking on the Submit button on the second quiz question does nothing - it just gets "stuck". I've tried in both IE and Chrome - and someone else is experiencing the same thing. I checked the source files and there are no additional triggers on that particular question (plus it does work in the LCMS). Any suggestions?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for reaching out here. What LMS are you using, and do you know if you're viewing the Flash or HTML5 output in those browsers? Curious if that will give any additional clues as to what you may be seeing - but I'd also like to take a look at how your quiz and any slides after that second quiz question are set up. Can you share a copy of it with us here? 

If not, you can always send it along privately to our Support Engineers here. 

Leslie Adams

Thanks Ashley. We are using SuccessFactors as our LMS. How would I know if I'm viewing the Flash or HTML5 output? I know that from the LCMS it is being launched from the story.html file - I'm not sure about the LMS, but I'm assuming it's being launched from the index_lms.html file, although I know they set it up to be accessible on mobile devices.

I can't share a copy of the file here, but will send it privately. Thanks!

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for sending over your file, Leslie! My teammate Abel is testing it, and you should hear back from him shortly.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a quick trick that will help you determine whether you're viewing Flash or HTML5. Open the course in the web browser, and right-click on a slide. If you're viewing Flash, a menu will appear, and you'll see About Adobe Flash Player at the bottom. You won't see this if you're viewing HTML5.