Submit button question - What am I missing?

Aug 11, 2015

Hi all!

I am working on a team where we have been tasked with creating a test that will allow the user to move about freely (skip a question if they don't know the answer and return to it later) but to submit the answer to the ones that they do know before they leave the page. It should not display feedback on the answers, when submitted. It should provide a "gateway" page  to allow the user to review their answers before submitting their score via a results slide.. It will be scored at the end of the test via the results slide and it must provide a review option at the end, if a failing score is achieved.

I have a workable method for the results slide and  the gateway page, so those are not in question for me right now. Where I am running up against a brick wall and need your help is with the submit button. I have activated the "next, back and submit" buttons in settings. I have removed all feedback layers, I have set it to an unlimited number of attempts, HOWEVER, now it will not submit and move forward unless I select the correct answer - it just sits, waiting for me to continue to click answer choices until I select the correct answer then it will advance, therefore, it is "giving away" the correct answer and everyone will score 100% with the way that it is functioning currently. Of course we would love for everyone to get a 100% however we want this to happen on their own merits, not by us "giving away" the answers. Am I missing something really, really easy? I will admit I am a little brain fried ... LOL!

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

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