Submit Correct Answer on Layers

Hey there, I'm trying to get a trigger to function as submitting a correct answer by clicking a button on a layer. I have several layers, each with an question, is there a way to make clicking on a button on a specific layer submit a "correct answer"? 

I see there there is a trigger for "Submit Interaction" and on the dropdown it simply says "Pick one" - is this submitting a correct answer? The quiz triggers are very vague in their description and there's not much info on them online.

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Dave Cox

When you use the submit interaction, that trigger submit the current state of the current interaction. If the interaction on this slide has the correct answer selected, then it will submit as correct. Otherwise, it will submit as incorrect.

If you want to force a correct answer interaction, you can do it, but you will first need to select the slide's correct answer. You can do this with a trigger and then trigger the submit interaction.

For example, we sometimes need to have student acknowledge a course. We do this by providing an acknowledge button on a slide with several acknowledgement statements. When the student clicks acknowledge, we use that to trigger true on a true/false slide and submit the results.

I've set up an example of this for you so you can look at how the triggers are set up.