Submit form data via eMail

Hi all... I am working on a demo for our front desk kiosk that shows one of our products. In the upper-right corner of the story I want to put a "Sign-In" button that goes to a page where the visitor would enter their name, purpose of their visit, and who they are here to see. Then, when they click a Submit button, it would shoot off an eMail to an internal eMail address notifying HR or the front desk that "john is here for his appointment with HR" or something like that.

Is there a way to create a page in a story with Text Input fields and have that info eMailed when the person clicks the submit button?

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Steve Flowers

Is a Google Form / Spreadsheet fair game? Have done this a few times to capture stuff from connected Storyline outputs. Works pretty well and is transparent to the user. A Google Spreadsheet can be set to trigger an email based on subscription. The added value of having a central capture that you can then add stuff like "closed, dealt with, comments, etc.."