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Ralf  Baum

Hi Troy,
can you check in the trigger section if there you can see the triggers of the submit button? Usually there should be something like:

Submit Interaction (and the name of the interaction should be readable - Matching drag and drop 1, e.g.)

If not, can you adjust that manually?

Best regards

Troy Greer

Thank you for your replies!

Ralf - I think the trigger is marked correctly:

Emily - The .story file is on my desktop and I have tested it in one environment. We have a special web server set up for this kind of testing. Just to be certain, I tested it in our LMS today and it doesn't work there, either.

Thorsten Holt

I currently have the same issue. I have just uploaded the file to your support team. Even the "Support - Crash Window" in which you are asked to send crash details to support team appears several times. Always after changing the button that sends the interaction. Very frustrating.  I am working on a project for one 1 year now and it has 180 pictures on one slide. In general that leads to crashes so often that I dont want to raise a ticket. Even I increased my computer memory to 12 GB. Hasnt helped.