Submit interaction trigger not working


I have a a ranking drop-down in my presentation.  When I use the "Submit" button on the player it works fine (it displays the feedback layer).  My client would rather have the submit button within the slide, so I created a button with a "Submit Interaction" Action, and the "Ranking Drop Down" as the interaction.  However, when I test it, rather than showing the feedback layer when the submit button is clicked, the next slide in the presentation is displayed.  Is there some special trick for making this work?



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Patty Brandt

I was running into the same issue. Upon comparing the multiple answer slide that wasn't reacting correctly to one that was, I discovered that somehow it was set up with more than 1 attempt. BUT, I had no "try again" feedback trigger, so it automatically went to the next slide when I clicked the Submit button even though my trigger for my Submit button was set up correctly.