Submit Interaction trigger on a hidden text entry field

Apr 21, 2020

I am working on a slide where a user can enter a height.  I used to make them enter it via a TextEntry, but that is kind of clunky.  I want to have some kind of graphic where the click some shape corresponding to the height.  But I still need that value to be the value for a Submit Interaction trigger.  I have a lame little attachment below that shows this, just to prove the concept.  It's just a few lines, and if I click on one, it will set the variable that the text entry uses.  It works if the field is visible, but I don't want it to be visible for a couple of reasons, the biggest of which is that I have to fill it in with %teHeight% so it will get filled in correctly.

If I hide the field, the Submit Interaction trigger won't fire.  How can I get the Submit Interaction trigger to fire on a hidden field?  Or is there a better way?



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fbs 419

That could be a good solution.  I don't know anything about sliders but I do see some docs in here:

There is a vertical slider next to some numbers.  Not sure how to hook it up yet.  Are they only good for Number questions?  I assume that would create a Numeric Interaction - I'm hoping they work the same as Text Entry interactions as far as Tincan tracking goes.  Is there a good example of this somewhere?  Thanks

fbs 419

So sliders work fine -- the UI looks good, and it populates a text box reference variable nicely.  But I can't seem to get the Submit Interaction to work.  I need it to be a Text Entry since my backend data is text.  That's not big deal, there is javascript to cast, etc.  But it seems like the Text Entry trigger (or a Numeric Entry trigger for that matter) has to have the "typed value".  There is no typed value, as I want it to be set from the slider variable (and then cast to a string).  From looking at Fiddler output, I can tell that the Submit interaction doesn't really fire.  What is the best way to use a slider with a Submit Interaction for Tincan?   Thanks a lot.

fbs 419

Got it working by changing it to a Numeric question with a slider (just like you originally proposed, and the casting was taken care of internally).  Numeric questions have to be graded, but the user can't really enter anything but the slider values, so I never have to see any feedback.

Thanks a lot for the help, Phil!  Great solution, and pretty easy once I understood what I was doing.

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