Submit & next button issues on web course

Hi, everyone.

I've got a sample course that I've published for the Web, and it's displaying some odd behavior.

There are quiz slides I've included that have no results slide (I want to keep the sample very brief), just the Correct/Incorrect feedback on the slide. The triggers for both the Correct and Incorrect buttons are to take the learner to the next slide.

All works fine until the 'Prev' button is used to return to a quiz slide. At that point, the slide has both a 'Prev' and 'Next' button, but because no trigger is assigned to the 'Next' button, it does nothing.

As it is a quiz slide, there is no 'Next' button, so there's no option for editing a trigger for one. Adding a 'Next' button in just messes things up.

Does anyone have any idea what I might be overlooking?



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Allan Dunlop

Thanks for that positive response, Pam--this has been a long time in the making!

Your suggestion worked perfectly. That was the last minor hurdle I needed to overcome to be able to release the course. Much appreciated.

If there is some way to have the slide keep the completed state when revisiting, and managing the 'Next' button issue, I'd be interested to know it. For now, though, I'm all set.