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Feb 10, 2015

The results slide has a trigger to submit results when the timeline starts.

Would it create any issue in SL if I altered the condition to "When the user clicks" an on-screen button? 


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Natasha Bomba

Do learners actually have to view the results slide to make it submit? I don't really need them to see the results slide, so on my closing screen, I just added a trigger to "Submit results" (from the results slide). However, we're not getting all the data pushed to Workday LMS. Just a complete/incomplete status. It is set to track using the result's slide on publish. 

Wendy Farmer
Natasha Bomba

I don't really need them to see the results slide,

Hi Natasha

my understanding is yes they do need to land on that slide for the submit results to send to the LMS - you could have an overlay on that slide that has your closing/conclusion content on it.  Would that work?

Also check the status you are sending - this KB article may help - specifically this section

Which reporting option should I choose?

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