Submit Results at the Start of the Course

I am trying to set up a course where the user gets credit for the course  immediately after opening it. 

We are testing functionality and they users may not need to go through the entire course; so we want them to be able to exit any time, but still get credit.

How do I set the course to submit results initially?

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Luke Benfield

You could create a Pick One quiz slide as your beginning screen. Add a Begin/Start button, and use that as the correct option in the quiz options.

Your next screen could be set up as the results slide, and you can just take out all the buttons and results text. Leave the Submit Results trigger, add your own content just like any other slide, and the user will never know.

Hope that helps. Good luck.

Kirsti Harris

If you don't need to track any quiz results, the other option is to use the reporting and tracking option where you simply track completion based on number of slides viewed.  Set the number to something appropriate for your users who don't need to view the whole course, and they will get credit as completed for less than the full course.  See step 6 in this tutorial for more on how to do this...

Kirsti Harris

Complete/incomplete is indeed what you want to track if I'm understanding
your situation correctly. And if you don't have it set to track quizzing
results, then it shouldn't be looking for a results slide. We have done
this with a couple of modules on our Moodle-based LMS without any trouble.

Alyssa Gomez
Alyssa Gomez

Hi Christopher!

You'll want to publish your course for LMS and click Reporting and Tracking:

  • Reporting: select Report status to LMS as "Passed/Incomplete"
  • Tracking: select Track number of slides viewed; Minimum number of slides viewed to complete should be 1.

I created a short video using Peek to show you those steps. Let me know if you have any further questions!