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Sandi Williams


My course includes a survey with a results slide at the end and in which the course completion is based. Learners must submit each survey question individually as I have a submit interaction trigger on each page. I was wondering, however, if I still needed to include the submit results trigger on the results slide.

I'm thinking not but a confirmation would be great.

Silvia Vantusso

Hi Ashley,

I finally understood better the difference of Submit results and submit interaction. Thanks!

But I have another question regarding this point. In case of a quiz with a variable (and free) number of questions (the learner can decide how many questions to do), how could I manage the action of submitting result for LMS? Is it somehow possible to call the same results slide more than once?


Silvia Vantusso

Hi Leslie! 

thank you for your quick response. This is my big problem: tracking result. The course is designed like a game and the learner can decide to answer a variable number of question. It is not really important to track passed/incomplete, but rather the percentage/points reached. The idea is to record the result reached everytime the enter the game. I forgot to say that the course shoul be uploaded to an LMS (scorm 1.2) and I am using SL1.

Anyway I attach the sample. I thank you in advance for any advices you will give me. :-)

Leslie I add another last thing... would it be possibile to pass the result with JavaScript like described in this post https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/can-you-pass-sl-results-variables-on-to-javascript. I never wrote a JavaScript but perhaps you or other can help me.. 


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Silvia, 

Thanks for sharing a copy of your .story file here with us. The tracking of answering multiple questions and not necessarily all the questions is the difficult set up within Storyline without Javascript as  Storyline will report all the questions to the results slide to be tracked and you can't determine it based on the user seeing the question or not.

If you're looking to go the Javascript route, we'll have to defer to the community as it's not something that staff can assist with here. 

Silvia Vantusso

Thank you Ashley for your feedback. You are right it is difficult, because the idea is that all questions should be tracked, but the learner can decide how many of them to do. In the best case he will do all questions reaching 100% of result (if all are correct) otherwise he will get less, but this does not mean he will not pass. We just want to track the percentage of each learner, updating it everytime he does the course again. 

Could you give me some advises on how to get in touch with somebody that can assist me using Javascript within Articulate? I never use Javascript in my life :(