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Mar 28, 2018


OK, I know I'm not the only one that wants to accomplish this. Today I decided to try to revisit this challenge and see if I could find a solution.

Use Case:

1. I want the learner to type a sentence: Hello World

2. I want it to continue without relying on a click or keyboard.

Naturally we can have them click a button or a key on the keyboard to submit.

Also, when the control loses focus, it's supposed to set the TextEntry field to the typed value.

What I want:

I want to submit or automatically move on when the typed value equals the specified text string without any other required user action.


So I know Storyline doesn't have a while statement and it requires explicit submission before the field is evaluated. I think a possible solution would be to have a continuous motion path (I've seen these before with timers) that loops over and over. At the end of the motion path it continuously updates the text entry field so it can be evaluated.

If I can set something like that up, naturally I can set a trigger to evaluate a variable change on condition that it equals the specified string.

When a text entry field is created, a trigger is automatically generated that says to set the entry to the typed value when the control loses focus. I don't know of a way to create such a trigger or edit it and I'm pretty sure that isn't possible.

Any ideas or suggestions that might set me down the right path? Perhaps JavaScript or a continuous motion path loop that sets the text entry somehow?

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Louise Lindop

Hi Tim

I have spent endless hours on this and like you have revisited it several times. I hold my breath every time a new release comes out but to no avail. It makes realistic software simulations impossible. So, while I am a big Storyline fan and love the Articulate community I always have to reluctantly go back to Captivate if I want this functionality. Sad face.


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