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Nadja Sherelis

Thanks, I did and it's correct/incorrect states are showing as soon as I drag the item to the dropzone. Should the triggers be on each draggable item itself. Or should the triggers be on a higher level. I know this can be done. I've seen it done before. I've just can't find any samples or tutorials on how to get a correct checkmark and an incorrect x to appear after the submit button is clicked.

Nadja Sherelis

Thank you. The normal amount of attempts is 3 times. I want to be able to reinitialize the current state after each time the user gets it wrong and has to hit "Try again". On the last attempt, when the user is still wrong, I want to show the user which ones were correct and which ones are incorrect and then provide feedback suggesting an area of remediation. Allowing the user to continue on to the next question. At this level these are ungraded questions. They are simply knowledge checks. But in the final assessment, there will only be feedback on whether the use is correct or incorrect then they move on to the next question, grading their score. I'm not as concerned about that at this point. I'm more concerned at the skill check level letting the user know which ones were right and which ones were wrong.

Emily Ruby

Hi Nadja,

Thanks for sharing the file. What you will need to do is use the built in Drag Correct/Drag Incorrect states instead of custom states. By doing this, they will update automatically without using triggers. Then when you check the box to delay the drop states, they will not change until the Submit button is clicked. 

See attached file, I only updated the Drag 1 text box for reference. "Protect against cyber theft, viruses, and Spyware."

Hope this helps!