Submitting a Number Variable to an LMS

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone has recently tried to submit a number variable to an LMS? I did read all the "older" posts that mention a method where a "How Many" survey slide is used that can submit a number variable via a results slide to an LMS. That method did not work for me yet. I do have a progress layer in a dashboard type slide (see attachment) that calculates the progress of different modules. I'd like to report the overall progress number to the LMS so I can run a report on where each learner is in the program.

I use Storyline 360, LMS is SuccessFactors, the number is a variable (calculated from other variables). Any ideas on how that would be achievable?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for reaching out! Storyline doesn't have the ability to report the value of variables to an LMS, but there is a workaround using a short answer survey question. Check out this article for more details!

Give it a shot, and if you get stuck, share the file with our support team, and they can help troubleshoot!