Submitting results to LMS

I am creating an 8 question survey using pick many question and essay questions is used for disclosing answers to the pick many question.  I have included results slides for each of the 8 questions and a final result slide for calculating the results for all of the results slides.  When I complete the course in our LMS, the results are not showing on the course interaction report.  Any suggestions on how to get the results to transmit to the LMS?

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Kyle Young

Hi. I have created a course an uploaded to Skillport LMS. I have selected the Completed/Incomplete status so that the course shows as In Progress until it is successfully completed. This is working but no score is being passed back? Do I need to add a 'Submit Results' trigger to submit these to the LMS.

Previously I had selected the Pass/Incomplete status chosed and it was moving the course the Completed tab even when they failed.

Peter Anderson

Hi Kyle, 

There's no real need for a submit results trigger. Storyline communicates course completion to an LMS (LMSCommit) when the user meets the completion requirement, either when they reach the appropriate result slide or when they have viewed the required number of slides:

Have you tried running your course through SCORM Cloud to see if the same thing is happening there? If it works fine in SCORM Cloud, it's most likely an issue with your LMS. If you can replicate the problem in SCORM Cloud, please submit a ticket to our support team. Thanks!

Juanjo Haro

Hi... about the results...

Hi, is there any way to send the final note only if the quizz is aproved? 

My client only wants to have in her SABA the final note when the quizz result is aproved not when suspended.

I've modify the trigger in the Results slides as this:

Submit Results when timeline starts if Results.ScorePercent >= 50;

Tested in scorm cloud... when i exit the course with only 25%, the note was sends anyway..

I've modified the scormfunctions.js in this way but i don't know if is correct to do that or there is another less intrussive way???


// alert("SCORM_SetScore");

Nota_corte = SCORM_CallLMSGetValue("cmi.student_data.mastery_score")

// alert("Nota_corte: "+Nota_corte+"intScore: "+intScore+"intMaxScore: "+intMaxScore+"intMinScore: "+intMinScore);



blnResult = SCORM_CallLMSSetValue("cmi.core.score.raw", intScore);

blnResult = SCORM_CallLMSSetValue("cmi.core.score.max", intMaxScore) && blnResult;

blnResult = SCORM_CallLMSSetValue("cmi.core.score.min", intMinScore) && blnResult;

WriteToDebug("Returning " + blnResult);

return blnResult;