Subscripts and Superscripts in Notes

Jun 13, 2014

Hello. I am working on a very complex course with much scientific notation requiring subscripting and superscripting. All of these terms are onscreen and in the Notes (Transcript). It appears that subscripting and superscripting are not supported in the Notes as they just look like regular words. Is this correct? My client is not too happy about it.

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Shannon Connor

Thank  you Rebecca. I have read the thread. This is very disappointing. I have searched through the available symbols and items such as PMAX, KSt, Afloor, etc. (as pictured in my screenshots above) do not seem to be available. How would one go about getting these items to be sub- and superscripted in the Notes when published if the buttons on the Home tab do not work and the symbols are not available?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Shannon,

I don't see these included as symbols within Microsoft Office programs either, which the Storyline symbols are based off of. At this time, it would need to be a feature request to have those as a part of the Insert symbol feature, but I know that the subscript/superscript is also something that has been shared with our Quality Assurance team - but I don't have any additional updates to share on that issue. I have added this thread to the existing report. 

Shannon Connor

Thank you Ashley. Alas, it seems he indeed sees the problem and does not have a solution at this time. I have downgraded to version 5, which I hate to do, but it is imperative that sub- and super-scripting work for this client. Thank you for following up. I hope it is resolved in the next release. That and adding motion paths.

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