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Juanjo Haro


I've tried that system and it does not work fine. 

I put a video on rhe slide. If we not use the video progress bar seems to work fine (i have not sinchronize any text for now) but, when the video progress bar is moved the subtitles continues as its way (if you return back in the video, the subs does not)

The slide general progress bar moves the video and the subs fine. Unfortunately, i'm not allowed to use activate this bar due design requisites :( unless it could be moved from the actual position (wich i suppose not)

I send the file with the video.


Edit: In html5, when i press the togle cc the video hides (continues talking) and this button and the subtitles are not show...

If the video is stopped, the subs continues playing

parmanand kumar

@steve , could you please explain how to do it when you said that group objects fit nicely between different cue points.i mean i want to achieve this (and i know no coding )

i have a group of objects (say 100)which i want to align on  timeline between different cue points e.g.

object 1 between cue point 1 and cue point 2 , then object 2 between cue point 2 and cue point 3 and so on ..also time duration between two cue points is not fixed e.g. 5 sec between cp1 and cp2, 7 sec between cp2 and cp3 etc.

can i do it at one go or i have to do it manually one by one .

thanx in anticipation .