Subtracting from a variable ONCE!

Jul 09, 2014

Okay so when you click any of the "pricing rule" buttons the triggers adjust the variable MSRP1 to a set value. From there I want to be able to click any of the incentive buttons and have it subtract that amount from the MSRP1 variable ONCE (not every time I click it) this is the first problem!

Then if you click a different incentive button I want it to subtract that amount from MSRP1 but not in addition to the previous incentive amount. This is problem two!

So if you click the "Invoice" button MSRP1 is set to 116,000 then I click the "$1000" incentive button MSRP1 should equal 115,000 and should not reduce by $1000 every time I click it! then if I click the "$5000" button MSRP1 should equal 111,000 and not reduce every time I click it. You can see with the triggers I have on the $1000 button I tried to control it with states but that doesn't seem to be working.

Let me know if you need clarification and any help is greatly appreciated!!

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Joanna Kurpiewska

Hi Philip

I'm not quite sure if I get it correct, but maybe the right trick would be to add another button like "$1000" with initial state hidden (with no triggers/or different triggers than the first one) placed exactly in the same position like the original one, which changes its state after the original is clicked...?

_ _

I would suggest placing a trigger for the button:

Change state of I$1000 to Disabled When the user clicks

This should follow after the triggers:

"Change state to Down" and "Subtract 1000.00 from MSRP1"

Then just have another trigger to activate the button back to "Normal" state when another of the buttons in the row is selected.

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